Heating and water supply / Air heating Air heating servicing

Projects, implemented by “Thermoengineering” CG, are supported by mandatory preventive service maintenance. Air heating service is performed by the licensed service engineers who took special training in the dealerships.

Customer preferences are completely taken into account in the provision of services. Alongside with a standard package of services, it is possible to form the individual packages, including not only typical list (air heating service and its preventive maintenance at the beginning of heating season), but a range of other services also.

One of the modern manufacturer’s requirements is carrying out regular tech inspections. In the absence thereof, production plant may refuse guarantee services.

Mandatory maintenance of air heating is included in the standard package of services providing to the clients of “Thermoengineering” CG.

“Thermoengineering” CG experts provide training in the safe and trouble-free exploitation of air heating for the staff of the customer-company. We practice ongoing consultancy support for our clients.

Guarantee is submitted for all air heating installation and repair works executed, as well as for the equipment.

“Thermoengineering” CG structure includes a specialized service centre, holding the required permits for servicing the equipment, supplied by the leading global producers of such type of equipment.


realized projects

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  • Донбас Арена

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  • Фарлеп

  • Дружковский метизный завод

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