Heating and water supply / Іnfrared heating Industrial infrared heating

Different types of industrial premises - workshops, warehouses, shedders, etc.,- have a range of typical characteristics influencing the heating system choice:

  • high height and a large area (large air mass volume correspondently);
  • considerable heat losses (e.g., the existence of large locked gate access, loading docks, etc.,);
  • different temperature conditions in one building or, in many cases, in one premise (but special requirements are made to low climate level, traditionally the coldest one);
  • irregular load of heating equipment (the staff operates only in workday time).

Traditional convectional heat systems are oriented on the constant equal heating of the whole premise, but that is not rational in this case. The most economical solution for the high ceiling buildings heating is using of infra-red gas heaters as the main or extra ones.

The installation of infra-red gas heating systems solves the following tasks:

Heating of local areas within the limits of one building or one workshop bay.

As an example, let us consider the system of a workshop infra-red heating.

Usage of such heating type provides:

  • Heating of separate workplaces. Any surfaces (equipment, floor, furniture, etc.) within heating “island” remain warm during the whole workday. Thus, workshop infra-red heating enables to sustain comfort working conditions at workplaces not depending on the air temperature fluctuations in the workshop.
  • Heating of separate process sections. Ordinary, definite requirements to the environment temperature are set only at a specified stages of the process. The installation of the workshop infra-red heating system provides heating not of the whole premise, but its definite areas, where it is necessary to maintain predetermined temperature conditions.
  • Maintaining of uniform inner temperature in the whole building.

One of the examples of the task efficient solving is warehouse infra-red heating system. Unlike the convectional systems, for the warehouse infra-red heating there is no such notion as “hard-to-reach areas” (angles, etc.) because walls and floor surfaces are heated first of all.

Temperature fluctuations extinction in the building avoids humidity elevation that is inappropriate upon storage of a selective number of commodities. Besides, the installation of the warehouse infra-red heating enables to minimize air circulation and undesirable dust spread, correspondently.

Self-contained heat-up of the low levels of the building.

The brightest illustration to solving tasks of such type is a plant infra-red heating system. In most cases the ultimate energy costs are accounted for manufacturing facility heat-up. The plant infra-red heating system provides possibility of heating-up only low, working levels of the industrial buildings thus, enables a considerable economy in the article of expenses- up to 50% in some premises, comparing to convectional heating types.

The installation of the plant infra-red heating system, combined with the possibility of a local heating of separate areas, provides a sufficient economic effect.

“Thermoengineering” company group offers a wide choice of luminous(short-waved) industrial infra-red gas heaters, as well as dark (long-waved) ones. Such devices are the ones of the most energy-efficient types of heating equipment. Gas infra-red heaters are absolutely safe for human beings health and could be used permanently on the condition of correct installation and exploitation.


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