Heating and water supply / Іnfrared heating Infrared heating project - design

Literate projecting of the gas infrared heating systems makes

it possible to reduce to maximum both the costs of the equipment purchase and installation, and its maintenance. In particular, due to the right choice of the radiator capacity, mode of its positioning (horizontal, at an angle etc.) and the emplacement (under the ceiling, on the wall, above windows and doors, etc.) it is possible to create energy-efficient infrared heating system that could provide standard temperature conditions in the whole premise or in its local areas by means of comparatively low energy resources rate.

“Thermoengineering” company group performs infrared heating design for buildings and separate premises of different function (industrial, agricultural, etc.). All necessary calculations are made in accordance with current construction codes.

The choice of infrared heater is made with regard to explosion and fire danger of the building. Within infrared heating scope, in case of necessity, the calculation of ventilation of the premise, where the given equipment is supposed to be allocated, is performed.

In the design of the infrared heating,

the radiation rate is defined and the check test, whether it meets the requirements of Current Construction Code, is performed.”Sanitary regulations for indoor climate of industrial facilities”. High-level radiation may cause discomfort to people in this space, that is why these specified calculations are obligatory.

Alongside with infrared heating projecting “Thermoengineering” company group offers the following kinds of services:

  • installation of infrared heating,
  • maintenance of infrared heating,
  • supporting of infrared heating.

Please, be aware, that infrared heaters offered by us, are gas ones, i.e. all the installation, maintenance and supporting operations with infrared heating must be performed by the organizations having corresponding license.

“Thermoengineering” company group has got all regulatory approvals for operations with gas equipment.


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