Heating and water supply / Іnfrared heating Gas infrared heater TEPLIK 3,5 (luminous type)

Infrared gas heater TEPLIK 3,5 (luminous)

Gas infrared heater Terplik_ Ukraine

Only the Sun heats cheaper!

Infrared gas heater BGL-3,5 (burner radiant heater), capacity 3,5 kW is produced by “Thermoengineering” company of imported component parts - ceramic tile SKG (Italy) that is presently the most interesting offer in the market of household heating equipment in Ukraine - in the set of characteristics - quality-price-reliability-energy saving.

BGL - gas infared heater, having the coefficient of efficiency of 99% and a number of other attractive characteristics, appeared to be a real cure-all solution in a range of issues of energy saving heating and drying processes.

Application range of TEPLIK model BGL3,5:

  • Heating of small premises (up to 35m2): garages, workshops, warehouses, agricultural buildings (hothouses, farms)

      Technologic drying:

      • in handling of building-decoration work (drying of plaster, brickwork , cement covering, etc.);
      • in roofing (laying roofing felt);
      • drying of agricultural production, timber, sheep wool, raw cotton;
      • cookout (food heating, barbecue);
      • heating of semiexposed sites.

      Price varies from 83,00 up to 350,00 hrivnas depending on the performance and the volume purchase.


realized projects

  • Metinvest

  • Альтком

  • Донбас Арена

  • СКМ

  • Техника

  • Фарлеп

  • Дружковский метизный завод

  • Centravis

  • ЛЕМЗ