Heating and water supply / Іnfrared heating / Gas infrared heaters BGL 20-50 kW (luminous type) Gas infrared heater BGL-30
Unit capacity 30 kW
Coolant Gas
Coefficient of efficiency, % 100%

Basics parameters and dimensions of the apparatus indicated are corresponded to ТУ У 29.2-314458003–001–2002

Indexing of documents: 3144.06-00.000

Nominal thermal power*: 30 kW
* Limit deviation from the nominal value should not surpass +-10%

Luminous coefficient of efficiency , not less: 50%

Emitting surface temperature: from 800 up to 1000°С

Energy input of electric supply,

Choke diameter for gas feeding, inches: G 1

Overall dimension exclusive of scarcements, mm exclusive of scarcements, mm, not more
(length x width x depth): 930x650x470

Weight, kg, not more: 30

Supply package include

  • Heater, 1 pc.
  • Support hook/corbel, 1 pc.
  • Remote-control panel (additional option), 1 pc.
  • Thermo regulator (additional option) 1 pc.

Performances of heaters

  1. Infrared gas heaters work on the NG under nominal pressure 1274 and 1960 Pa, as well as LPG under nominal pressure 2940 Pa.
  2. Power voltage: 24 V direct current or 220 V alternating current at frequency 50 Hz
  3. Coefficient of efficiency, %-overall thermal efficiency 100.
  4. Format of climatic category УХЛ 4.2 as for ГОСТ 15150.
  5. Carbon oxide content in dry unadulterated products of gas combustion, mg/m3 (% by volume), not more-250 (0,02).
  6. Carbon oxide content in dry solid products of combustion, mg/m3 (% by volume), not more:
    • for heaters with the radiation heat capacity up to 25Wt/cm2- 40 (0,0032)
    • for heaters with the radiation heat capacity from25 Wt/cm2 up to 50 Wt/cm2- 60 (0,0048)
  7. Sound power level of a driven unit, DBA, not more-55.
  8. Energy input, Wt, not more 30.
  9. Average service life of heater- not less than 10 years.
  10. BGL are fitted out with automatic safety controls Honeywell:, providing:
    • gas feeding of the heater and its firing within not more than 20 sec
    • cutting-off the gas feed under condition of extinction within not more than 15 sec

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