Heating and water supply / Independent boiler houses Soild-fuel and gas boiler-houses

While choosing the equipment for your self-contained boiler-house, first of all it is necessary to choose the fuel that you will use for heating and hot water supply of your house.

Remember that the fuel may get more expensive, be out, and at last, it can be simply turn off. Therefore, for a reliable and economically reasonable exploitation, it is desirable to foresee the backup.

Indeed, without fuel there is no heat, without heat there is no coziness and comfort.

A way out of the situation can be found when applying arranged boiler-houses produced by JSC "Zhitomirrempischemash" under Kriger brand. Trading house "Kriger" is the exclusive representative of JSC “Zhitomirrempischemash”.

In October, 2006, “Thermoengineering” group, became the official representative of JSC "Zhitomirrempischemash" in selling( distributing) solid-fuel boiler-houses of large capacity(from 0,3 to 0,82 mW).

"Veissmann" company is also one of the leading manufacturers of gas boiler production. "Veissmann" boilers proved to be very popular with the Ukrainian market for a long time. German quality is self-explanatory. "Veissmann" boilers are produced in Germany only.

Dutch "Rendamax" boilers are highly competitive with them. Their main advantage is that having the same characteristics, boilers weight is considerably lower than the ones of the other manufacturers. Quite a bit of multi-storied buildings are equipped by "Rendamax" rooftop boiler-houses.

"Thermoengineering" company group is specialized in the direct delivery of different boilers types from the production plants. It guarantees a considerable economy of costs and time.

How to find out the estimated cost of a boiler house? Our company offers free of charge service in defining the cost of the design and installation work for the systems of infra-red heating and self-contained boiler-houses, including feeding networks.


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