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The best achievements of our own technical and scientific developments in boilers production we implemented into the production of transportable block-modular containerized boiler-houses. Nowadays we are ready to comply with the demands of the ultimate consumers and installation companies in the supply of independent containerized boiler-houses in a complete operational compatibility. Systematic and innovative approach to the product quality improvement and the production level allowed us to start series producing of the block- modular boiler-houses of 100kvt to 1,5 mvt capacity range.

Module boilers House Ukraine

The heat capacity and the fuel type for such boiler-houses are not limited practically. The only restriction is the necessity to follow fire and sanitation-and-epidemiological rules.

Irrespective of the capacity or the fuel type all boiler-houses supplied by "Thermoengineering" group, are supposed to work autonomously in automatic regime that does not require attendances presence. All modes of boiler-house functioning are managed and controlled by modern automatics.

The term of boiler-house supply is nearly 2 months-depending on the boiler-house type of basic and auxiliary equipment mix.

"Thermoengineering" group performs all kinds of work and services in the design and estimate documentation working-out, in the installation and adjustment of heating systems, assists in getting regulatory approvals.

Independent transportable containerized boiler-houses on the bases of gas or the arranged solid-fuel gas boilers are the most convenient and modern type of boiler-houses. Their obvious advantage is that they are supplied as a ready-made product and its accessing to already existing networks requires minimum capital costs.

Module boilers House Ukraine

Economic effect

General economic indicators of a self-contained containerized boiler-house in comparison to a centralized one:

Capital costs cutting 2-5 times is reached at the expense of:

  • supply of a ready-made boiler-house within 2 months period;
  • possibility of boiler-house location near or on the heating object territory shortening in such way communications
  • length and reducing heat losses in the process of coolant transmission.

Exploitation cost cutting 1,5 times is reached at the expense of:

  • possibility of temperature regulation depending on the operation mode on the heating object as well as an outside temperature;
  • ability of the boiler-house operation in the automatic mode (without attendances).

Transportable gas mini-boiler-houses(capacity 150-1200 kW)

Fig.1. Blank drawing of equipment capacity 300 kW location

Transportable coal mini-boiler-houses (capacity 150-600kW)

Container dimensions, m (W-L-H)- 3,1 * 5,5 * 2,7 (without coal storage bin)

Fig.2. Blank drawing of equipment capacity 300 kW location

How to find out the estimated cost of a boiler house? Our company offers free of charge service in defining the cost of the design and installation work for the systems of an infra-red heating and self-contained boiler-houses, including feeding networks.


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