Heating and water supply / Independent boiler houses Service maintenance and boiler-houses repair

Self-contained heating systems are a technically integrated body requiring a constant qualified assistance. A stable operation of the whole heat and hot water supply system of the facility depends greatly on the boiler-house condition status. In order to avoid breakdowns and the expensive maintenance, we offer you boiler-house maintenance and adjustment.

It does not matter, whether this site was installed by the other company many years ago, or it is the facility of “Thermoengineering” company. We undertake servicing of any boiler-house irrespective of its type, allocation and the works other than guaranteed by the equipment producer.

Boiler-house servicing and maintenance is performed by “Thermoengineering” service centre. Having concluded a contract with us, you can be sure that your boiler-house will always work fault-free, all prophylactics measures for preserving the efficiency output and its service life extension will be done on-time. In case of troubles our engineers will make the boiler-house maintenance in no time.

Boiler-house maintenance service list includes:

  • system conformance check of the boiler-house equipment operating conditions to manufacturing works protocols;
  • maintenance control, check and rationing of burner devices, automation equipment and pumps, performance adjustment of the kettles, boilers, heat-exchanging devices;
  • inspection of safety devices: safety valve, overheat control thermostat, etc;
  • renewal of a fuel filter cartridges, burner nozzles, dredge filter unloading;
  • check of the coolant pressure in the chain, check of the pipeline joints hermiticity and correction of its breaks;
  • detailed revision of a boiler-house and its equipment in the frame of heating season pre-operation;
  • consulting assistance of maintenance personnel, recommendations as for changing of the parameters of the boiler-house exploitation and the equipment adjustment;
  • on-site breakdown visit, carrying-out the adjustment and maintenance;
  • purchasing of needed spare parts with 30% discount.

Reference operation list may vary depending on the boiler-house type, operational procedure of the equipment manufacturer and of the boiler-house technical position. The act with the description of rendered services and the recommendations is provided by our service engineer after each prophylactics and diagnostics of the boiler-house.

Servicing, adjustment and maintenance are performed by the licensed specialists who take course training on the equipment manufacturer plants.

In order to determine the service cost of gas or any other boiler-house, get the consultation on different questions, it is enough to call: (044) 279 82 80, or to send e-mail: office@termoeng.com.ua

Bear in mind that a professional service of a boiler-house is a ticket to successful and trouble-free operation and your comfort.


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