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Boiler-houses project-designing is a key objective in the heating system process, because a boiler-house is its heart and the object of an extra high hazard at the same time. That is why the boiler-house engineering must be done by a competent organization that will make all calculations to a good quality taking to account customer wishes and the demands of a state and regulatory authorities.

"Thermoengineering” company has a long-term experience in boiler-house designing. A special engineering group that implemented successfully a large number of the developments for housing and construction works with us.

It is impossible to project one boiler-house and then to use it in all cases. With each customer we work individually only. One boiler-house is not like the other one, as well as there are no similar objects.

Carrying out the boiler-house engineering for you, we will take into account a lot of factors:

  • location type of boiler-house: fixed, attached, rooftop, self-contained;
  • the type of fuel: nature gas, liquid fuel, solid fuel (coal, peat, etc.), arranged boiler-houses;
  • the type of coolant used and boiler types: hot water boiler, steam boiler-houses.

For the design of your boiler-house, the site will be investigated carefully, in particular, capacity size intended for heating. It will allow us make an optimal choice of a definite type and capacity boiler. Further our engineering group will prepare the documentation on:

  • a heat scheme of your heating system;
  • control automation;
  • layout plan of a boiler-house heating equipment and the chimney linking-up;
  • fuel supply system;
  • setting up of ventilation, water supply, chemical water treatment;
  • needed equipment for a boiler-house construction.

"Thermoengineering” company will perform for you the whole work range: pre-implementation calculations and research, boiler-house designing, preparation of estimate documentation, getting regulatory approvals.

We gained a wide experience in the sphere of boiler-house engineering. Address to the experts that are the best in this sphere!


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