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You have already had a self-contained boiler-house design, the needed equipment has been bought, but last and the most important step left-it is the boiler-house equipment installation. It is quite a critical activity to assemble all units of heating system accurately and with high quality, meeting all technical and governmental standards, in order to provide with a heat and safety your house, office, industrial building.

That is why, a boiler-house installation must be done by nobody else but a professionally trained specialists.

"Thermoengineering" company gained great experience in the boiler-house installation area. Our personnel attend annual courses in heating equipment of the world brand producers and suppliers. You can be sure that our crews will perform the boiler-house equipment installation in accordance with the technology specified by the producer, in stipulated terms and taking into account all the regulatory demands.

Taking in account the hydraulic piping type (parallel, ring, succeeding and coincident) and the recommendations of firm-producers of boiler-house main equipment, we plan the sequence and volume of installation work performance:

  • sitting of a boiler and a hot-water- supply boiler in the boiler-house premise with the provision of a comfort access to the equipment key units;
  • liquid-operated collector setting-up and bracing, installation of control elements, automatics;
  • examining of the installed hydraulic system operation by pressure, connection of the hydraulics of all heating space of the premise with the boiler-house hydraulic piping, boiler-house equipment and the whole heating system trail start.

Starting a new boiler-house installation, our assembly crews take into account the following boiler-houses premises demands:

  • premise capacity must be not less than 8m3 with the ceiling height min 2,7m. When the boiler is installed, a free access zone of 0,5-1m is provided for further servicing;
  • -nature gas boiler equipment installation is not performed in the premise without a separate entry or window, or without a chimney and a flushing ventilation system;
  • for a potential coolant or sanitary water wastes, a special drains exit (a grate) is made in the boiler-house premise;
  • electric power supply of a connection module, the boiler and the pumps of a new boiler-house must be only provided from a separate automatic circuit breaker on the common electricity supply board of the building;
  • before facility commissioning we recommend gradual accessing of heating premises for their better warming up.

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      The installation of boiler equipment in a stationary boiler-houses is performed directly on the customer site. The assembly of the main components of a block- module boiler-house is performed on our industrial areas first, then the assembled modules are set up in the place of installation.

      The advantages of "Thermoengineering" company are not only a high quality of all performed work and an individual approach to each client but also a competitive price.


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