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It is nonrandom that the rooftop boiler-houses, as one of the variants of a self-contained heating, gain more and more popularity in Ukraine.

Such boiler-houses are used for heat and hot water supply of industrial sites, as well as administrative, accommodation buildings and they differ by a range of advantages:

  • they have a high energy efficiency at the expense of heat pipelines unavailability (heat pipeline losses may reach 30%);
  • they are ecological and economical – at an average the heat cost of 1kal of the rooftop boiler-houses 1,4 times lower heat energy cost of the centralized systems.
  • they don”t require expenditures on the location permit and the boiler-house construction;
  • they provide optimal and controlled heating mode.

Rooftop boiler - houses Donbas-Thermo

At the bottom, the rooftop boiler-houses are boiler-houses located on the building roof in a separate premise or simply on the roof on a special base stand.

“Thermoengineering” company offers projects on the rooftop boiler-house constructions on ”turn key-ready“ terms, i. e. company's experienced experts perform all stages of the project.

We fulfill the rooftop boiler-house design, equipment and its components procurement, installation and adjustment with getting of all approvals and further servicing of the facility.

Our portfolio has great number of the construction of the rooftop boiler-houses working on different fuel types: nature gas, liquid and solid fuel, electricity. But gas rooftop boiler-house is the most popular because of its low fuel cost and the exploitation convenience. Gas boilers are small in size and weight that give definite pluses in its construction on the roof of the building.

Each our client is offered several variants of solving the problem of an efficient self-contained heating with the help of the rooftop boiler-houses using the world market leaders heating equipment.

“Thermoengineering” company is the official representative of Dutch company “Rendamax” in the west region of Ukraine. It is a world renowned producer of high quality boilers that are most fit to be set up on the roof due to its relatively small weight. It is important to note, unlike the others, ”Rendamax” company boilers are always produced of equal ranking for different countries consumers.

Rooftop boiler - houses Donbas-Thermo

Besides “Rendamax” boilers, we are ready to offer you a design with the use of rooftop boiler-house of such famous brands as Viessmann, Ferrolli and Vaillant. We have established efficient supply chains with them.

Our specialists will consult you in any questions and help to make an optimal choice for your design.


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