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Ferrolli - is one of the largest world producers of heat techniques. It is included in the top 5 ratings of Europe leaders in heat techniques production and it holds the second place in the world in aluminum radiators manufacturing. Last year the company celebrated its semi-centenary.

Ferrolli offers a wide choice of advanced and competitive products of a superb quality: within the long period of mutual cooperation with Ferrolli trade mark, we did not come across any complaints as to their product quality.

Ferrolli produces a wide spectrum of the household climate equipment: from air-conditioners to different types of boilers and electric water heaters, radiators and thermo regulators.

Among the industrial heat equipment producers, Ferrolli is distinguished by the most careful and a balanced approach to the production line formation. It includes cast iron and steel boilers of 12mvt capacity: steel fire tube boilers, superheated water boilers and generators, steam generators, as well as solid-fuel boilers. Ferrolli also produces a full range of industrial models of air-conditioners.

Once again we accentuate your attention on a high quality of Ferrolli production. It will pay off in spades every invested penny - this is the best warrant of the optimal combination of "cost-quality", this is already appreciated by the consumers all over the world.


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