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Autonomous electric boiler-houses are used in districts with extra energy supply, as well as in regions with shortage of other sources of energy. Mobile module electric boiler-houses can be used by the utility and technical services as an alternate or emergency source of heat for preventing the negative consequences of possible failures and breakdowns of boiler-houses and heat networks.

In venues where there is no natural (long- distance) gas, but the dedicated electric capacity allows to use electricity as a source of energy, for household it is reasonable to set up the electric boiler-house. It is possible to calculate an approximate annual (seasonal) electricity supply in such way: for 100 m2 it is necessary 10 kW of heating and corresponding electric power. A boiler works approximately 1800 hours a year. It means that the annual power consumption for heating an area of 100 m2 is 18 000 kW.

How to find out the estimated cost of a boiler house? Our company offers free of charge service in defining the cost of the design and installation work for the systems of infra-red heating and autonomous boiler-houses, including feeding networks.


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