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The energy bio–mass production is of great interest nowadays and is constantly increasing. While someone holds conferences and forums on how nice it would be to use rationally bio-fuel ”Thermoengineering” group suggests just now to equip your boiler-house with the boilers, working on:

  • agriculture wastes;
  • wood wastes( shredding, chips, cutting);
  • sunflower seeds wastes;
  • grape vine twigs;
  • milled-peat;
  • peat briquette;
  • corded wood;
  • bituminous coal;
  • lignite coal;
  • the same types of boilers can work on gas as well, in case of necessity.

These arranged solid-fuel gas boilers are produced by ZAO” Zhitomirrempischemash” under “Kriger” brand. Trading house “Kriger” is the exclusive representative of ZAO “Zhitomirrempischemash”

In October, 2006, “Thermoengineering” group, became the official representative of ZAO ”Zhitomirrempischemash” in distributing solid-fuel boiler-houses of large capacity(from 0,3 to 0,82 mvt).

Kriger boilers trademark means: highly efficient transformation of the biomass, solid fuel, the manufacture and agriculture wastes into ecologically pure heating energy. More details about Kriger boilers.

How to find out the estimated cost of a boiler house? Our company offers free of charge service in defining the cost of the design and installation work for the systems of infra-red heating and self-contained boiler-houses, including feeding networks.


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