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Intense interest to wind motors in Ukraine, as well as in the whole world, promoted the industrial growth in given segment of the alternative energy. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of commercial and residential – grade wind motors (wind generators) of different capacity and efficiency. Some part of models is modernized to function at low wind rate that enables to use them almost across-the-board.

Industrial use of wind motors is the most efficient in coastal areas (in Ukraine - the Crimea, the Black Sea coast, Trans-Dniester, the Azov Sea coast). It is worth to install wind stations here. Residential low-powered wind motors can be used not only in private houses, but in the flats of town high-rise buildings (wind motor is installed either on the roof, or on the wall of the building).

Wind motor usage, as the energy source for heating and hot water supply systems, makes it possible to neutralize its main limitation-voltage instability and irregularity. The equipment that is the core of such charts (THEs – tubular heating elements, boilers, etc.) is designed for the alternating-current operation. It is not so sensitive to input voltage drops.

Considerable proportion of the cost in electric generation structure is accounted for by the elements of automatics and control, and also by the batteries, providing uninterrupted output voltage. Wind heating charts are simpler and therefore cheaper. Furthermore, the wind heating installation saves energy resources drastically within the whole heating season (the strongest winds are in cold season).

Wind heating can be used as fully autonomous or as an additional system of heating and hot water supply. The efficiency of its functioning depends on wind force and its activity.

“Thermoengineering” CG experts will help you to make your mind in practicability and economic efficiency of the wind heating for a particular building or premise. Depending on the client preferences and finance, we can offer different options of wind heating schemes, using the equipment of leading global producers.

“Thermoengineering” CG performs engineering, installation and maintenance servicing of wind heating systems, providing a full project support.


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