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Heat pump is the core of geothermal heating systems. Such device permits the use of even low potential of the ground heat, the atmosphere, underground water. In household use, the ground heat pumps are the most popular - the multiuse solution, the usage of which is efficient in most cases.

For industrial facilities, the main advantage of geothermal heating is its “pantophagy”. In fact, at any manufacturing facility it is possible to discover the energy source for heat pump - flue gas, industrial water, hot air, injected by refrigerating systems, etc.

Geothermal heating allows not just a heat recovery of working substances listed, but also using it to maximum effect.

Geothermal heating systems are still the latest things in our market, the level of their application is still low. At the same, they are held in earn respect in world power economy for a long time.

Among the advantages of this type of heat technology equipment, the following should be mentioned:

  • High efficiency. In condition of appropriate selection and installation of heat pump, its coefficient of efficiency can reach 500%. Upon this, the performance does not depend on the season and the weather;
  • Endurance and durability. Service life of geothermal systems separate items, produced as built, is not one decade (in particular, for the soil probes it is 100 years). If required, the components are replaceable. It is fairly easy to run the system, it is not “prankish” in operation and it does not require complex maintenance service;
  • Sustainability. Additional ventilation is not required for normal operation of geothermal heating (polluting emissions are not applicable). The equipment is non explosive and flame-proof;
  • Different types of operations. Geothermal heating systems can operate not only for heating, but for cooling also, depending on the conditions of their usage.

Reasonable high cost of geothermal heating system as built equipment is offset by low service costs, high efficiency and a long-term serviceability.

“Thermoengineering”CG offers services in engineering, installation and maintenance servicing of geothermal heating systems. We cooperate with leading global producers, ensuring high production quality.

Our experts will help you define practicability and economic efficiency of geothermal heating, select an appropriate quality equipment, tailored to Your finance, provide the professional installation of the system and its service maintenance.


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