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Making technological processes Defrosting of goods, wagons

Defrosting wagons and defrosting bulk cargo

The Thermoengineering company offers a comprehensive implementation of projects for defrosting wagons and defrosting bulk cargo using infrared gas heaters.

Infrared emitters are the best defrosting solution

Projects of various complexity levels successfully implemented in many countries have proven that defrosting bulk cargo, defrosting wagons using infrared emitters cannot be compared with other options in terms of efficiency.

The main purpose of using infrared emitters is to defrost frozen bulk cargo to the metal walls of cars, as well as to destroy the icing of its locking elements to ensure unhindered unloading.

Many installations of other manufacturers are designed for bunker open wagons of the Western model, in which the braking system is located in a separate closed compartment, and the entire defrosting of bulk cargo consists in heating the hatches on the bunkers. These design features have determined the configuration of the defrosters. In the overwhelming majority of cases, these are tunnels open from the sides, or simply open-air cabinets with infrared heaters of "light" or "dark" type located in them.

Case studies

Thermoengineering company has experience in implementing non-standard projects for the post-Soviet and Russian markets. So, for example, during the arrangement of the defrosting system for the cars of the coal terminal in Tallinn, it was necessary to look for a solution for gondola cars with a thermolabile braking system under the bottom of the car and complete freezing of the cargo in them. Initially, it was proposed to use installations with the use of "light" type infrared gas heaters. Taking into account the thermal balance, a tunnel was proposed, which was intensively ventilated to ensure the normal combustion of gas in infrared emitters without chemical underburning and the formation of a whole bunch of harmful substances. For this, an additional air heater with a 1 mW fan was used.

During the operation of such a system for defrosting cars, it turned out that, despite the aspiration, a large amount of coal dust is formed in the tunnel and throughout the site. This prevents the normal operation of "light" infrared heaters.

Then it was decided to use "dark type" infrared emitters in order to increase the safety of the defrosting process, and, at the same time, reduce the cost of equipment.

Interesting in its effect is the project implemented in Vanino. The use of “dark” type infrared gas emitters in it, according to the calculations of the specialists of the Thermoengineering TM Company, made it possible to reduce the operating cost of the entire defrosting system by 30% in comparison with “light” emitters.

Defrosting system: everything under control

In the system for defrosting cars using infrared emitters, about half of the heat is transmitted by radiation to the walls of the cars, and the other half in the form of convective heat of the combustion products of natural gas is supplied to the bottom and walls of the cars. The temperature of the car wall and the receiver is monitored using pyrometers in real time. All installations are controlled by a separate control system, and the information is displayed on the monitor at the dispatcher. Thus, the systems for defrosting wagons and bulk cargo provide for the control of their operation, monitoring of the condition and transmission of signals in digital format about malfunctions or failure of any burner. This allows our customers to reduce operating costs and always keep their finger on the "pulse", knowing everything about the situation with the defrosting system.

The Termoengineering TM company offers effective solutions for defrosting cars using high-quality equipment that has a long service life, adapted to Ukrainian standards and conditions of use.


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