Energy Audit Energy auditing inspection

Energy audit conduct includes the following investigation stages of the site (facility, building, the source of heat supply, etc.):

  1. Base data collection. For gaining objective energy audit information a complex of measuring and surveying with the help of modern highly precise equipment is carried out.
  2. Analysis of financial and technical information. In particular, the enterprise energy audit objective is the investigation of cost cutting possibilities and the production process modernization.
  3. Making out of energy consumption and distribution balance sheet s. In this stage of energy audit the energy intensity calculations are made.
  4. Revelation of inefficient losses. It includes revealing of the most energy costing parts,” problem” areas of the production, heat leakage points in buildings, etc.
  5. Working-out of energy saving measures. In the list of possible energy saving measures, highlight ones- the most effective, low-cost and fast-payback measures- are singled out.
  6. Giving recommendations and their performance measurement. The results of energy audit conduct are summarized in technical data report.

Energy audit conduct is only a part of engineering services complex provided by “ Thermoengineering” specialists. In particular, we ourselves perform the following

  • realization of energy saving measures recommended as the result of energy audit conduct;
  • working out and getting regulatory authorities approvals for the design estimate documentation;
  • the delivery, installation and servicing of needed heat equipment.

A long-term practical experience allows our specialists, summarizing energy audit results, to match energy efficient engineering decisions for that or other conditions that will result successfully in national realities.

We are interested in the facility objective energy audit conduct, carrying out careful calculations and making recommendations, because in most cases we ourselves implement our best practices. Technical data report summarizing energy audit conduct is just the initial stage of the energy saving. The realization of its recommendations results in economic effect.


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