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Energy Audit Manufacturing enterprises energy auditing

Energy audit of industrial applications premises may be conducted either in the frames of the facility energetic investigation as a whole, or as an integral expert examination.

Energy audit of a manufacturing venture is one of the efficient energy resource saving instruments. In particular, the energy audit of shop floors, warehouses and other premises of large area and height allows setting the order of electricity and heat consumption curtailment measures. In practice, the low-cost measures and procedures, nevertheless rather efficient, are of the first priority.

For instance, manufacturing ventures insulation most often starts from the inside edifice insulation. The insulation of windows, doors apertures etc, allows us to curtail considerably heat losses in the year cold season. Advanced equipment used by “Thermoengineering” company specialists, enables to define accurately the most heat leakage places claiming highlight attention. Therefore, expenses are reduced up to possible minimum. In particular, the external elevation insulation may be reduced to finishing of joints, cracks, etc.

We also recommend conducting the energy audit of industrial application premises while choosing heat, ventilation and other climatic equipment. The parameters, summarizing the premise energy audit, will be used not only at the initial stages, but also within the process of the corresponding system design working-out.

The results of the premises and heat supply energy audit make it possible to define an optimal “core” of the engineering solution-heat generating equipment, as well as to take them into account while engineering decision-making. Herein, not only correspondent appliance cost and quality, but also their exploitation expenditures are considered.

"An hour operating costs" specificity is one of the actual parameters in choosing of certain equipment. Even a slight, it would seem, difference in these parameters appears to be more than a considerable one, in the manufacture on an industrial scale. Premises and heat supply energy audit enable to operate accurate data that is of utmost importance for correct calculation and perfect decision, correspondently.

"Thermoengineering" company has the fullest opportunities to turn into reality independently the premises energy audit recommendations. We ourselves design, manufacture and service the climatic comfort systems. In the course of our works we provide the visual support of our solutions correctness.

Details about our developments see in the sections references-"Ventilation and air-conditioning", "Production", "Alternative heating".  

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