Energy Audit Public buildings energy auditing


Public facilities include a retail and entertainment centers, offices, a sport and culture complexes, medical and state establishments, etc. All of them are usually characterized by a large area and the exclusive standards to the premise inner climate.

Great attention is paid to the building itself and to the inside communications, when conducting the public facility energy audit. In the frames of the facility energy audit the following elements are investigated:

  • window and door apertures;
  • thermal insulation and joint packing, etc.

Communications conditions inside of the building are also analyzed thoroughly. In the process of the facility energy audit, the losses of heat and electric energy are substantiated.

"Thermoengineering" company uses modern equipment and devices, when conducting the facility energy audit. In particular, the application of a thermal imager allows produce the customer with infra-red photos of the inspected surfaces, where the most “troubled” areas are seen plainly. First of all, such information is necessary, when making decisions on carrying out any measures on the insulation: external elevation insulation, internal premise insulation, the insulation applicability of foam plastic, etc.

With the help of devices and transducers at our disposal, in the frame of the facility energy audit, not only separate premises characteristics (air temperature, humidity, air flow rates, light intensity, etc.) but also the data on operation of communications ( water- and gas pipelines, electric networks, ventilation trunks, etc.) are specified.

Summarizing the facility energy- and heat- supply audit, the analysis and corresponding calculations take place, resulting in specifying of the building real thermal capacity.

The facility energy audit data driven, possible variants of the existing air heat- and ventilation systems modernization are specified. The most perspective in technique and economic aspects variant is defined by the ratio of such parameters: price, quality, the system exploitation cost.

At customer s option, following the facility energy audit, "Thermoengineering" company can develop independently the climate comfort system design for the auditing facility. We perform the installation and provide servicing of above-mentioned systems.

Details about our developments see in the sections references-"Ventilation and air-conditioning", "Production", "Alternative heating".  

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