Energy Audit Gas Boiler-houses and heating sources energy auditing

Energy audit of heat supply source enables to estimate its efficiency and to work-out energy saving measures plan. In the frames of heat supply source energy audit, the boiler-house and heat-pipelines energy investigation takes place.

Upon boiler-house audit the existing control and measuring instruments and systems are used, as well as the portable equipment that “Thermoengineering” specialists have at their disposal.

We use the advanced measuring instruments and systems with the help of which it is possible to take practically all operation characteristic measurements of the object of the heat supply source audit. Such analysis is necessary for getting an objective information on the equipment functioning and its energy efficiency.

Energy audit of a boiler-house or any other heating system expects the collection and processing of data on the energy output consumers, the equipment load curves, dynamics of the energy resources consumption, etc.

Heat pipeline energy inspection provided upon heat supply source energy audit make it possible to discover heat leakage. Actual data calculation of the boiler-house operation and its energy efficiency is made on the audit data. At this stage of heat supply source energy audit, equipment “weaknesses” are exposed that allow finding possible heat and energy losses in units and elements of the system.

Working-out of the recommendations on conducting energy saving measurements is the result of heat supply source energy audit. Herein, cost efficiency of the suggested developments is determined. Low-cost and highly efficient measures are usually defined as priority efforts.

In case of necessity the existing equipment modernization, upon customer wish ”Thermoengineering” company specialists are able to develop engineering solution of the problems resulting after heat supply source energy audit. We perform the installation and provide servicing of our equipment.

Details about our developments see in the sections references-“Ventilation and air-conditioning”, ”Production”, “Alternative heating”.  

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