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Big buildings - large heat losses. Analysis of British scientists.

25 Nov 2013

British scientists have carried out research ща heat losses of the objects attractions in London.

The main causes of UK historical heritage heat loss were following:

  • Heat transfer between the warm walls, floor, ceiling and cold air on the street;
  • Drafts and other air movement through walls, floors and ceilings. To replace the warm air cold air comes from the street.
  • Infrared radiation from heated objects inside, which goes through the wall and into the street.

The most "green" of the investigated structures was the building of the National Assembly of Wales, and the worst result in the account Piccadilly Station - £ 18,217 tax burden on every citizen.

Leader in absolute values ​​became the Palace of Westminster - home of the British Parliament. Gambling debate ruling elite generate more heat than Buckingham Palace, Reichstag parliament building in Scotland and Wales all together.

Yellow and red glow on the photo indicates the field of active heat (heat loss), whereas the blue and gray color indicates a low level of heat loss.

Heat loss of large buildings

£ 7191 per year. A warm welcome in the Palace of Westminster turns imposing costs for citizens abroad.

Heat loss of large buildings

Scottish Parliament building radiates heat to £ 463,40. Scots as always lazy and estimated losses to shillings.

Heat loss of large buildings

Leak regal Buckingham Palace gives the atmosphere of £ 1038 annually.

Heat loss of large buildings

Hot spots on the Reichstag building burghers are no fewer than 1,200 German marks. Naturally, that "word of 2010" in Germany was recognized Wutbuerger - «irate citizen."

Heat loss of large buildings

Louvre in the infrared spectrum. Parisian landmark loses heat out of every crevice except glass pyramid, built in 1989.

Heat loss of large buildings

National Assembly Building for Wales in Cardiff built recently - in 2006 - and much "greener " English and Scottish "equivalents".

Heat loss of large buildings

Manchester Piccadilly Station "blew" scientists foolishly squander heat wave. Opened in 1960, has been regularly upgraded.

Thus, clearly shows that more ancient buildings have more heat loss compared with modern buildings and, in fact, together with the heat evaporate funds for space heating of such magnitude.

Group of companies "Thermoengineering" has 13 years of experience in energy audits of large amounts of space, on the basis of which gives the optimal solution for the use of a system of heating, ventilation or air conditioning, which will help reduce fuel for heat loss and optimize building construction.

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