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Commissioning of coal container boiler-house

05 Apr 2016

The grand opening of coal container boiler-house was hold on April 5th in the territory of regular school #6 in t. Selydove, Donetsk region.

“Thermoengineering” Company Group as a Contractor, completed installation works for container boiler-house, and external networks, and performed commissioning works. Construction period was 4 months.

Module of container boiler-house consists of 3 sections: boiler-house hall, utility room, coal bin with 7 days stock. Two solid fuel hot-water boilers “ARDENZ” (Ukraine) with fuel manual loading and 400 kW capacity each, are installed in boiler-house.

The project was performed by means of two sources of funding: government fund for regional development and town budget.

A demand for construction of boiler-house arose in view of predictable rate increase for central heating services (previously the school was heated from central town gas boiler-house).

Construction of new boiler-house will allow to solve the problem of temperature conditions and create comfortable conditions for schoolchildren to study, as well as to decrease expenses for central heating services (approximately 400 thousands hryvnas).


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