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Solid fuel modular boiler-houses - reasonable economy without risks

16 Apr 2015

Safety modular boiler house

Modular boiler is safe, as it is located outside the building and is equipped with all modern and automatic safety systems.

Application of transportable modular boiler house

Modular boiler house are used for auxiliary heating detached buildings up to 15 000 m2 which are not connected to the gas, and as an alternative to the central heating if the repair of existing worn out of heating is not advisable.

If you already have a electric boiler house, gas boiler house, boiler system powered by diesel fuel , or any other type of fuel, it makes sense to use it as a backup, and solid fuel modular boilers to use as the main.

Installation of modular boiler

Coal boilers and other solid fuels manufactured according to the specifications and agreed with Gosnadzorohrantruda Ukraine. This saves time for the drafting of the boiler. It is enough to bring the boiler house at the agreed place and connect the power supplies (fuel, water, electricity). Boiler rooms are made in the workshop manufacturer and connection speed boiler at your facility depends on you and on the number of engineers - installers. On average, from 5 days to 2 weeks.

Modul solid fuel boiler house

The composition of modular solid-fuel boiler houses

  • warehouse fuel (depending on the degree of automation and solid fuels)
  • supplying fuel into the combustion chamber of the boiler (depending on the degree of automation)
  • boilers;
  • pumping systems that provide water flow in the heating circuit network;
  • maintain pressure coolant system;
  • system automation and security;
  • the fuel supply system of internal accounting and equipment in fuel consumption;
  • The internal power supply and lighting;
  • heating and ventilation system boiler;
  • flue gas removal system consisting of multicyclones, flues, smoke exhausts
  • water treatment system;
  • building Steel boiler
  • other necessary equipment;

Transportation modular solid-fuel boiler to the object

Modular solid-fuel boilers are produced at the factory and delivered as a ready-made modules. The number of modules depends on the thermal capacity of the boiler. To shorten the pre-launch of the boiler requires the design and construction of foundations and external engineering networks (water, sewage, heating, electricity, cleaning systems and flue gas removal).


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