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Modular boiler room "Thermomodule" - combines the best qualities

14 Oct 2013

Modular boiler house - today one of the most sought-after products on the market of heating and water-heating equipment. The volume of production and consumption of modular boilers, both in Ukraine and in other countries has great potential for further growth.

A striking example - the modular boiler room "Thermomodule" from "Thermoengineering". 12- year experience of GC "Thermoengineering" in the segment design and manufacture of heating equipment, its installation, commissioning, and service creates one of the best examples of modular boiler "Thermomodule".

Module boilers House Ukraine

This product combines all the benefits of modular transportable boiler house:


Modular boiler room "Thermo module" can work independently without the constant presence of the operator. In the event of an extraordinary situation it is fitted with special external alarm. Operation of the equipment in the automatic mode allows the boiler room in the home to regulate the supply of heat to the temperature of the environment and space - it saves significant energy consumption.


Modular boiler room "Thermomodule" can serve both to supply heat and hot water, steam. Therefore, it is very popular not only in the segment of domestic heating, but also industrial heating. And the possibility of using a wide range of energy: gas, liquid, solid, and combined fuel increases its competitive advantage and scope of use.

Modular boiler room "Thermo module" - completely finished product that does not require any capital expenditures for training facilities for its installation. It can be installed as a stand-alone facility, the roof as well as an extension to the building. Besides, "Thermo module" ready to use, for permanent connection and temporary. Other types of boilers do not have this broad functionality.

Safety and reliability.

Assembly at the factory increases the quality and reliability of modular boiler "Thermo module". All-metal, insulated enclosure, protected from any contingencies, including from fires, ensure maximum safety boiler house operation. In this modular boiler "Thermo module" has all the necessary permits, specifications and technical documentation.

The economic benefit.

Modular boiler room "Thermo module" - a bargain purchase, because you will immediately receive a complete solution of all issues with heating at the best price. Production as soon as possible - within two weeks, the convenience of transportation, lack of construction costs for the boiler room, the speed of the connection and start-up, the maximum efficiency (93 to 98%) and reducing heat loss due to the possibility of reducing the length of the heating - all provides excellent economy and the best result.


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