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Dry and warm to small children - container boiler-house for kindergarten "Divotsvit "

20 Feb 2014

This month hooked and made ​​the first start-up of transportable gas boiler house "ThermoModule" to pre-wired to external networks gas, heating, electricity, water and sewage systems by experts LLC "Thermoengineering" group.

Gas boiler house Donbas-Thermo

Previously, container type gas boiler house "ThermoModule" has been manufactured at the production site LLC "Thermoengineering" group and delivered fully loaded to an object - a kindergarten.

The main feature of this project is its "turnkey" implementation from receipt of technical specifications and to input the gas boiler house in operation.

LLC "Thermoengineering" groupspecialists accompanied the implementation of this project at all stages of construction.

Transportable boiler house 270 kW power capacity, with a hot water circuit is implemented by tested and proven European manufacturers equipment.

Gas boiler house carried out in automatic mode, so it does not require a permanent attendance.

For long-term, high-quality and smooth operation, LLC "Thermoengineering" group provides servicу maintenance of kindergarten boiler house "ThermoModule".

Experts of the company are solely responsible for ensuring that "Divotsvіts'" small children will be warm and dry!:)

Gas boiler house Donbas-Thermo

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