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Focus areas

Presently the expert team of «Thermoengineering» TM fulfils integrated projects in several directions:

  • heating;
  • air-conditioning and ventilation;
  • hot-water supply;
  • construction of low and medium pressure gaspipes;
  • industrial alpinism;
  • procuring the industrial volume of technological processes.

In the project framework the whole spectrum of engineering services is fulfilled:

  • energy audit;
  • procurement of the equipment and materials, including import of leading world brands equipment
  • equipment assembling and installation;
  • facility commissioning;
  • technological and service support.

Engineering Services

e offer qualified engineering that includes the whole complex of services: starting from investigation then working out of the project-construction documentation and calculation-analytical valuation and finally issuing of the recommendation on ready-made product exploitation.

Qualitative engineering is the background of a successful realization of any project and what is the most important-achieving the best result and your satisfaction.

"Thermoengineering" specialists provide:

  • energy-audit of buildings, heating networks and equipment with output of complex conclusion; consulting in the sphere of heating, gas and water supply;
  • preparing of the design estimate documentation;
  • getting regulatory approvals on the design estimate documentation in all controlling organizations.

Installation, Starting-up and Adjustment

Experienced assembly teams of "Thermoengineering" will fulfill quickly and professionally all necessary work in newly constructed industrial objects and in households; perform the reconstruction and replacement of the equipment in the framework of the existing systems of heating, gas and hot water supply, air-conditioning and ventilation as well as any repairing operations.


All implemented projects, as well as separate equipment of "Thermoengineering" are accompanied by technical servicing. In fact, the Company "Thermoengineering" gives guarantee of 1-3 years on all operations and on the equipment.

In our service centre you will get an expert assistance in all aspects of the exploitation and repairing of the equipment for heating, gas and hot water supply, air-conditioning and ventilation.

Engineers of service centre of "Thermoengineering" are certified and annually pass special courses in studying methods of servicing the latest equipment and technology.

Our goal is to provide long-term and efficient operation of our equipment.

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