Heating and water supply

Nowadays climate comfort of a human being is impossible without an efficient heating system enabled to maintain the necessary temperature mode in any given conditions.

One of key directions of “Thermoengineering” TM company is an integral implementation of projects in heating sphere. The name of the company says about it. We have great experience in organization turn-key ready heating system, as well as research study and integration of energy efficient technologies, alternative types of heating. That allows our clients to save considerably power resources, exploitation costs and at the same time to get the heating system efficiency at maximum.

Among our customers are private individuals, large industrial sites, state organizations and developer companies. Self-contained boiler stations designed and installed by our specialists are successfully functioning in dozens of different facilities.

Infra -red gas heaters, air heating systems are in great demand.

At the same time “Thermoengineering” company has its own heating equipment production. In the case of necessity we can provide the delivery of the imported equipment of the best world producers. Among several heating system projects developed especially for you, you can choose the most reasonable one as for its constructive peculiarities, energy efficiency and cost of its realization.

We also provide separate services:

  • carry out heating system design,
  • customize heating equipment,
  • fulfill installation,
  • adjustment and provide technical service and maintenance to operating heating systems. Service and guarantee maintenance is performed by our specialized Service centre.

“Thermoengineering” TM design portfolio contains: flat heating , cottage heating, multi-storied building self-contained boiler stations, heating for industrial workshops and the performance of the whole stadium heating system.

Modern heating systems are classified according to:

  • type of coolant: air, steam, water, integrated;
  • source of heating: gas, black mineral oil, electric, wood, coal, pellet, sun, geothermal;
  • type of devices applied: convectional, infra-red (rayed), convectional-rayed; -other specifications.

Each of these types of hearting has its own advantages and disadvantages. We shall help you gain insight into it and choose the ideal for you heating system. To the effect address to our specialists for the consultation by the phone +38 (044) 292 50 85, or fill in the questionnaire.  

realized projects

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