Energy Audit

Energy audit is complex energy investigation of an enterprise that includes: collection of initial data, working out of energy distribution and consumption balances, financial and technical information analyses, disclosing of unreasonable power losses, development energy saving measures, issuing recommendations and defining their realization effect.

Energy audit goal is energy efficiency: it is power supply reliability growth; elaborating priority power saving measures, cost and energy resources effectiveness, modernization of production, rising of financial stability.

Energy audit capabilities are: to define correctly power saving strategy and tactics, to work out energy saving measures, to achieve energy independence of the enterprise, to reduce tangible and intangible expenditures on production and cost value, to obtain credits and capital investment.

Energy audit methodology is- brief expert examination of energy consumption, energy saving and the enterprise financial stability, initial and measured data description, developing of energy saving measures with their efficiency estimation, calculation of economy and cost recovery terms, the investigation of the suggested measures influence on the cost value and the environment, conclusions on their implementation practicality.

Energy audit allows: to find the right way of power resources` saving; to reveal low-cost measures of top priority; to develop prospect of the enterprise energy saving in the whole, taking into account the production development plan.

An information product having the form of a technical statement is energy audit operating result. In general the statement given to the client contains the following:

  • a brief description of the available power facilities of the enterprise;
  • catalogue and technical characteristics of energy equipment;
  • information about tests taking place in the frame of audit execution and about procedure applied to;
  • existing system of energy production and consumption is characterized, the accounting results of power and physical balances are given, a specific flow characteristic per produced unit is reproduced;
  • current position analysis that points out the limitations and defines power expensive components is provided;
  • recommendations describing suggested measures which are illustrated by corresponding schemes are given in the case of necessity;
  • calculation results, that are similar to the existing system in compliance with suggested measures implementation are indicated;
  • comparative characteristics of the energy systems operation before and after procedure execution and the results of feasibility analysis are provided;
  • reference documents list and literature list are enclosed, in the case of necessity the enclosed documents are also attached to the statement.

Terms and cost of energy investigation depend on the enterprise structure complexity and therefore on the investigation volume.


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